Thoughts on Writing

Below, I intend to keep a running tally of my posts which touch on the craft of writing and fun writerly things I get to do.

Surviving – Jeremiah discusses how he is handling the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis.

Women in Horror Month – Jeremiah discusses nine of his favorite women in horror for Women in Horror Month.

Laird Barron and John Langan on the Lovecraft eZine Patreon Podcast – Jeremiah has a question answered by Barron and Langan on this podcast, which is exclusive to Patreon’s of the Lovecraft eZine. If you want to hear it, be sure to support this awesome endeavor.

State of the Weird 2019 – Jeremiah pops up with a comment during the Q&A, near the end of this podcast.

Choose Your Own Ending – Shower Scenario – Jeremiah was inspired by a recent read to create a choose your own ending prompt.

Music is My Muse – Jeremiah discusses how music has influenced and continues to influence his writing.

The Narrative Appeal of Board Games – Jeremiah ruminates on how board games influence his writing.

Prior to Jeremiah’s Thesis Defense, a component of graduating from Seton Hill, he thanked everyone who helped his project reach fruition – The Swords of Fellowship – Opening

While at Seton Hill University, I presented a paper explaining how my novel “The Swords of Fellowship” fit into the fantasy genre – The Swords of Fellowship – Introduction¬†

After presenting my introduction, and novel excerpts, I answered questions about “The Swords of Fellowship” – The Swords of Fellowship Q&A

I recently got to do a reading of my first prize winning Flash Fiction “Feeding Time,” and I discuss the experience – My First Public Reading

I had a questioned answered by Lovecraft scholar Robert M. Price. Check out the episode my question was discussed in – Episode 33 The Lovecraft Geek

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