Thoughts on Writing

Below, I intend to keep a running tally of my posts which touch on the craft of writing and fun writerly things I get to do.

State of the Weird 2019 – Jeremiah pops up with a comment during the Q&A, near the end of this podcast.

Music is My Muse – Jeremiah discusses how music has influenced and continues to influence his writing.

The Narrative Appeal of Board Games – Jeremiah ruminates on how board games influence his writing.

Prior to Jeremiah’s Thesis Defense, a component of graduating from Seton Hill, he thanked everyone who helped his project reach fruition – The Swords of Fellowship – Opening

While at Seton Hill University, I presented a paper explaining how my novel “The Swords of Fellowship” fit into the fantasy genre – The Swords of Fellowship – Introduction¬†

After presenting my introduction, and novel excerpts, I answered questions about “The Swords of Fellowship” – The Swords of Fellowship Q&A

I recently got to do a reading of my first prize winning Flash Fiction “Feeding Time,” and I discuss the experience – My First Public Reading

I had a questioned answered by Lovecraft scholar Robert M. Price. Check out the episode my question was discussed in – Episode 33 The Lovecraft Geek

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